Renee Larson

Stylist, Facial Waxing & Co-Owner

Phone: 541.515.2909

*Approximate wait time: 2-4 weeks

Passion for style:
I love all aspects of this trade… I love giving people confidence and helping them to branch out and try things they didn't know they would like.

Inspired by:
My two children who are so much fun, my wonderful husband, and all of my super cool girlfriends.

Where you'll find me when I'm not at the studio:
Playing with my kids, crossfitting, and trying to be domestic!

Little known fact about me:
After putting on mascara, I separate my eyelashes with a safety pin…

Favorite day of the week:
Saturday, because I have the next two days to take my time drinking coffee in the morning and playing with the family.

Favorite quote:
Do unto other as you would have done to you.

10 years ago, I was really into:
Working, hanging with girlfriends and worrying about how I looked!

My style idol is:
I like a little of every style.

The reasons I chose this career (or it chose me):
I enjoy every aspect of this trade, from the opportunity to be creative, to the meaningful relations built with my clients.

Hair I'd love to cut if I could cut anyone's hair in the world, and why:
Demi Moore. Come on, get a new style!