Ivy Barr


Email: ivyns123@live.com
Phone: 541.221.8741

*Approximate Wait Time: 4-6 Weeks

Passion for style:

I'm passionate about style because it is a way of expressing yourself without saying a word.

Inspired by:
I love to go hiking with our dogs Tucker and Peanut. Enjoying a glass of wine with my girl friends. Or just to to sit and relax, read magazines and catch up on the latest trends.

Little known fact: 
I considered going to art school before I entered cosmetology school.

Favorite day of the week: 
Sundays are the greatest day of the week. Refocusing your life on the people who I love the most.. Family, friends, pets...but most of all the whole day my husband, Adam.

Favorite quote:

Fashion idols: 
Rachel Zoe, Bridget Bardo, Nicole Richie, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen ... My best friends, Dusty and Erika. My Mom, who nurtured my fashion sense from birth:)

The reasons I chose this career (or it chose me):
I love style, making people feel good , and being creative everyday.