Janae Smith


Janae Smith


Email: janaesmith07@gmail.com
Phone: (541) 221-3452 Not currently taking new clients.

Passion for style:
I love to put people in the hair that is perfect for them; help them get out of their style-rut and into their style-perfection!

Inspired by:
Productivity- I'm not saying I'm productive, I'm saying I'm inspired by people who are!

Where you'll find me when I'm not at the studio:
Spending time with my family and friends.

Little known fact about me:
I'm turning into a karaoke junkie! I recently rocked a Def Leopard tune and think I may try Patsy Cline next.

Favorite day of the week:
That's easy, Sunday! It's my one morning that I get to sleep in while my husband gets up with our two year old. Sometimes I just lay there pretending to sleep so I can listen to the two of them playing in the front room.

Favorite quote:
"A happy family is but an earlier heaven." John Bowring

10 years ago, I was really into:
Starbucks Malt Mocha Frappuccino… before calories meant anything!

My style idol is:
People who are totally comfortable being themselves and expressing their individuality.

The reason I chose this career (or it chose me):
I could never keep my hands off people's hair; it's the first thing I notice about them. I want to help people look and feel their best.

Hair I'd love to cut if I could cut anyone's hair in the world, and why:
Donald Trump… because look at him!